Thursday, 26 November 2009

street signs

foley sound

looking at foley sounds i found a link that shows a woman explaining how foley works and the processes that are needed

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

good link for film noir

Design Skills: PowerPoint Presentation

Design Skills: PowerPoint Presentation

Mark Deadline December 18th 2009

Critical Perspectives

Minacha Camino & Peter Muir

Assessment Criteria

To instil correct and apposite working methods.
To introduce students to a range of media and processes.

Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate the use of media, materials, equipment and language appropriate to the pathway.
Explore and discuss design & visual arts issues and practices appropriate to the pathway.

Key Skills to be evidenced

5. Read & Respond to written material 15. Use relevant information sources
6. Take part in discussion 7. Presentations

Design Skills is the second of the ‘Basic Course’ scheme of modules which focuses on underpinning Fundamental knowledge.

Drawing on the research you are doing in Design Skills, you are required to present a 5-10 minute PowerPoint based on the issues raised and practices involved in a design of your choice.

The PowerPoint should contain visual imagery for both analysis and to illustrate the points made (Critical and evaluative study).


A full bibliography of sources and references for any quotes used.
Presentation plan and notes need to be submitted after the presentation (note: do not submit your research note)