Saturday, 30 May 2009

Copy of Induction Exercise

The purpose of these sessions is quite straightforward. It is to learn how to look, speak and write about images and objects in both a reflective and critical way.

As part of this process of discovery we need to find out how images and objects communicate with their audience. This process of communication requires two basic elements: a ‘sender’ and a ‘receiver.’ To put this as a question to be answered:

How is meaning provided by the ‘image’ (the sender), and how is that meaning understood by its audience (the receiver)?

Over the years these kinds of questions have been answered by various frameworks or methods (methodologies), and we will consider some of those methods as we go along. But for now, let’s just look and consider how meaning is provided and understood.

So I want you to look at these objects and environments and begin interpretive discussions within your groups; one person can be elected to give the feedback.

Here is some basic information to start you off. They were made by the sculptor Elisabeth Frink and then cast in bronze, each figure is life-size, and they are displayed in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Try to answer the following question: Who are these bronze men? Why are they naked; why are the faces painted; why are they in a group; why have they been cast in bronze? Can they tell you anything about the artist?

What’s obvious about them, what kind of ideas to they bring to your mind, what do they remind you of, what do they signify or ‘connote’ to you?
Just begin looking and writing.

Now try a similar technique with this image:

Can you make any productive comparisons between these images?

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